For The Record

Adult Bowling

Lucky Lanes

Fumble League – High game: Mike Rylowicz 245. High series: Mike Rylowicz 686. Other high scores: April Jagoda 182-178-185-545, Priscilla Seybold 187, Dolores Szukala 160-169, Pam Pleszewski 179-160, Mary Erick 171-202-524, Marie Skubis 191-166-507, Anne Haase 163, Betsy White 177-166, Devon Fijal 212-513, Penny Kalfas 192-191-537, Shirley Salerno 166-167, Donna Zuchowski 192-186-517, Vicki Rylowicz 169, Mike Rylowicz 245-216-225-686. High team game: Fast Times Rods 967. High team series: Fast Times Rods 2,815.

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Fumble League – High game: April Jagoda 215. High series: April Jagoda 600. Other high scores: Devon Fijal 169-166, Lynn Fijal 162, Brenda Kerstetter 166-214-520, Penny Kalfas 178-178-514, Diana Manzella 169, Kathy Price 183-169, Peggy Lucas 161, April Jagoda 194-215-191-600, Shirley Salerno 202-502, Grit Baumgartner 165, Donna Zuchowski 163, Vicki Rylowicz 168-182, Dolores Szukala 160, Pam Pleszewski 162-170, Mary Erick 170, Marie Skubis 180-162, Anne Haase 171. High team game: Fredonia Heating & Plumbing 982. High series: Fredonia Heating & Plumbing 2,861.

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Monday Night Mixed Couples – High team game: Taber Trucking I 668. High team series: Want to Be’s 1,883. High individual game (men): John Taber 246. High individual game (women): Cheryl Doner 190. Individual high series (men): Taber 637. Individual high series (women): Doner 504.

Other high scores: Bob Patterson 231-213-602, Merle Delcamp 204-587, Paul Szach 206, Del Jusko 177-161-455, Doner 168, Eleanore Pacos 166.

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Monday Night Mixed Couples – High team game: Taber Truckin II 667. High team series: Taber Trucking II 1,941. Individual high game (men): John Smith 234. Individual high game (women): Cheryl Doner 223. Individual high series (men): Merle Delcamp 592. Individual high series (women): Doner 561.

Other high scores: Bob Patterson 192-215-590, Merle Delcamp 227-190, Mike Wise 224-547, Smith 518, Chris Delcamp 197-516, Del Jusko 169-178-501, Betty Tallchief 188, Doner 181, Mary Benner 172, Carol Wise 165-463, Diane Galarza 165-452.

K & L Lanes

Paul Hill Memorial – High team game: South Dayton Hotel 1,046. High team series: South Dayton Hotel 2,963. High individual game (men): Mike Howard 256. High individual game (women): Kathy Earle 180. High individual series (men): Pat Richter 683. High individual series (women): Kathy Earle 506.

Other high scores: Mike Emke-Walker 203, Bob Richter 205, Larry Brown 214, Pat Ricther 205-239-239, Howard 620, Robbie Coulon 211-222-604, Jeremy Jimerson 220, Harold Balzer 222, Ken Purdy 235, Bradly Schulz 224, Paul Schulz 247, Mike Meyers 208, Bob Stelley 202-239-200-641, Daren Waterman 237-621, Dan Moyer 246, Jamie Krajewski 169-170, Diane Emke 171, Dee Connolly 174, Nancy Earle 161-164, Kathy Earle 161-165.


Green Meadows Golf Course Tournament

A special golf tournament will be held to honor the late Mary Ellen Benamati on Sunday, July 28 at Green Meadows Golf Course in North East, Pa.

All proceeds from the golf tournament will benefit the Mary Ellen Benamati Memorial Scholarship Fund. More information will be made available in May. Mary Ellen was a teacher at Westfield Academy and Central School for more than 30 years.


The Northern Chautauqua Soccer Association is still accepting late registrations for the summer recreation season. Visit the website for Coordinator information and the registration form.

Contact the Division Coordinator during the day to check availability, as some space is limited. Then submit two registration forms to P.O. Box 331, Fredonia, N.Y. A $10 late fee should be added to the registration costs. Registrants should also send a copy of the player’s birth certificate, if this is their first year playing.


Senior Tour

The 2013 edition of the McDonald’s Chautauqua County “Senior Tour,” will open its season on Monday, April 15 with its 10th annual registration brunch.

The brunch will be held at the Lakewood Rod and Gun Club at 11 a.m. A registration fee of $11 will be collected at that time.

Senior golfers 60 years of age or older will be asked to register as a regular or as an alternate.

The Lakewood Rod is located at 433 Terrace Ave., Lakewood, N.Y.

For more information call Art Asquith, at 595-3185.

Chautauqua Health and Fitness classes

Chautauqua Health and Fitness, located in the Turner Community Center at Chautauqua Institution on Route 394, is offering several group exercise classes this spring.

Classes include morning, evening and Saturday cycling sessions, pilates, kickboxing and a water workout class in the Turner Community Pool. Classes begin April 8 and will run for eight or nine weeks.

For fee information or to register for programs, call Chautauqua Health and Fitness at 357-6430 or visit