Funeral director admits making a mistake

According to Fredonia funeral director Michael Fantauzzi, all money owed has been paid.

“It’s all been paid. It was a mistake on my part. That’s all it was – a simple mistake,” he said Thursday.

Fantauzzi stressed that he never intended to do anything illegal – he just was careless with some bookkeeping on his part. After the matter was brought to the court, Fantauzzi said a representative with the New York State Bureau of Funeral Directing came to his office and went over all his files. She gave him recommendations on what to do to prevent this from ever happening again.

Fantauzzi has also hired Valmy Enterprises, Inc. in Fredonia to ensure he doesn’t make a similar error.

“Basically we settled it and paid all the families with all their money,” said Fantauzzi.

Mike Stanton with Valmy Enterprises confirmed this statement.

“Valmy Enterprises became responsible for Fantauzzi Funeral Home’s financial dealings in early 2012. As soon as we were made aware of this situation, the money was paid in full in August 2012,” said Stanton.

Fantauzzi noted he is not accepting prepayments for funerals. “At this time we are requesting all pre-need funds are taken care of privately, so we don’t have this problem again,” he said