Options for Incubator’s empty parking lot


My apartment is on a main thoroughfare in the village. Recently, a college student with a backpack and a skateboard rolled down the middle of the street doing “S” maneuvers until he finally hit the curb. He then walked the rest of the way to the school.

It reminded me of a letter to the editor from a citizen a few years ago about the possible criminalization of skateboarders in certain locations of the city of Dunkirk. There’s no doubt skateboarders should stay off of downtown sidewalks and other places where there may be numerous people.

With that said, I had an inspiration. Why not use the vastly empty SUNY Fredonia Incubator parking lot for a skateboard park? (The berm from the CSX tracks would also make a wonderful sledding opportunity in the same area. )

The actual count of cars in the Incubator lot on a daily basis is from four to six, sometimes peaking at seven. On Friday, Dec. 21, 2012, there were only two cars there. This might have been because of the impending doomsday scenario concerning the Mayan calendar on that date or just a very slow day for innocuous and trivial innovations.

Will SUNY Fredonia allow the skateboarding? I would surely think so with as many of the other schemes, gadgets, and events which have taken place at the Incubator since its inception. At least the property would be utilized.

Ask almost any private business owner in Dunkirk about the Incubator and they will tell you it is the biggest waste of taxpayer money in the city. It just goes to show in the case of this entity, truth and fiction are definitely interchangeable and somewhat amusing, as long as you don’t have to pay for it.