Unknown when Petri’s layoffs to begin

The closing of the Petri’s Baking Products plant is imminent and many are waiting to see when the first round of terminations will begin.

According to the Department of Labor WARN Act notice, 35 terminations of the 228 were scheduled to begin April 4 or within two weeks of that date.

Chautauqua Works One Stop Manager Meaghan Cappa told the OBSERVER Friday, that Chautauqua Works and the Department of Labor held rapid response sessions in mid-March to help educate the employees on what it offers.

“We provided the employees with information about things like workshops, resume building and availability of funds for training. We held several sessions in one day so we could meet with all individuals,” she said.

Cappa said Chautauqua Works is still planning targeted recruitment meetings which would allow displaced workers to meet with employers.

Cappa added Chautauqua Works has received updates as the closing process has gone on, but has not yet received any confirmation of when the layoffs will officially begin.

Silver Creek Mayor Nick Piccolo said the last communication the village received on the closing said layoffs would progress more quickly after April 1. However, the village has not received any other information since then.

Piccolo said he has had many questions from residents and has heard rumors about the situation, but has not been able to get in touch with Petri’s management since he became mayor.

A call to Petri’s Director of Operations David Bagwell was not returned.

Petri’s Baking has a history starting in the 1930s and expanded to a plant operation in the 1960s. The locally-owned company was purchased by Ralcorp Holdings Inc., also the owner of Carriage House, in May 2012. Six months later, Ralcorp was purchased by ConAgra. On Jan. 3, the WARN Act notice was released giving employees and the public notice that Petri’s and Carriage House in Dunkirk would be closed by this summer.

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