Perrysburg hears water department updates



OBSERVER Staff Writer

PERRYSBURG – The town of Perrysburg received some updates regarding the water department. Engineer Jake Alianello gave an update on the water treatment plant.

Alianello, of Alianello Engineering, said both contractors for the general and the electrical contract have sent in their paperwork following the award of bid. Under Alianello’s recommendation, the town signed both contracts pending attorney approval. Once the state Environmental Facilities Corporation approves the contracts, Supervisor Dennis Stopen will have to sign the notice to proceed which will start the clock on the contract, 180 days, according to Alianello.

The town board approved Stopen to sign the document prior to the next monthly meeting, if the town attorney approves. The contractors are waiting to hear on parts for the project which may require the town to add a change order to the project.

Alianello also asked the town to submit the final payment for the well-house project. The total payment is $155,100, of which a $10,000 retainage fee is included. The town approved to make the final payment. Water Superintendent Robin Clark also spoke of transition fittings on water lines. Which the town had to replace on some water lines. Alianello said he spoke to the contractor who had in turned talked to the supplier who makes the fittings.

“There was no known issue to that batch (of fittings),” Alianello said.

The contractor offered to fix the fittings and any other future fittings that may fail. Alianello said the contractors scan a barcode that allows the piece of pipe to be heated to secure the fitting. Clark said the problem has been fixed. It was also announced that Assessor Mary Bailey has resigned.

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