Chautauqua County IDA reviews 2012 audit

The Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency has closed its audit for the fiscal year 2012.

David DiTanna of BWB presented the audit to the full CCIDA board of directors, following a presentation to the CCIDA Audit Committee. DiTanna offered an abridged version of the audit to the board, and praised it for having its financials in order.

“With regards to the audit, things are in good shape,” DiTanna said. “We get out here, and the records are ready for us. Anything that we ask for is provided to us. A lot of hard work and effort goes into it, and they do a really nice job.”

The 31-page report details the CCIDA’s funds, including revenues, expenditures and changes over the last audit. It also offers required supplemental schedules – including a schedule of other income and general and administrative expenses, a schedule of tax exempt bonds and a schedule of expenditures of federal awards. And, there is a section for additional reports.

While he offered the audit committee a more in-depth look at the audit, DiTanna provided the full board of directors many of the same points as he offered last week. One of the things he repeated during last week’s meeting was conducting a more formal review of the CCIDA’s bank reconciliation process on a monthly basis.

The board unanimously approved the 2012 audit. It will be available on the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency website at

Also during the meeting, Bill Daly, administrative director for the CCIDA, introduced the Chautauqua County Visitors Guide to the board. Daly explained that the CCIDA is a supporter of the guide, which is available through the Chautauqua County Visitors’ Bureau.