Special vote today at CVCS

SINCLAIRVILLE – A special vote for qualified voters of the Cassadaga Valley School District will be held today from 2 to 8 p.m. in the middle/high school cafeteria. The school is located at 5935 Route 60 in Sinclairville.

The Board of Education wants authorization to undertake a water project. The project calls for acquisition, for $25,000, of an easement over parcels of property adjacent to the middle/high school; acquisition for $7000 of a temporary 50 foot utility line easement and a permanent ten-foot easement in a separate piece of property; implementation of a storm water management system on the campus, installation and connection of a new water line to replace the existing one; and related site work, drainage work, connection work and general water management and delivery system improvements.

The project plan was prepared with the assistance of Clark Patterson Lee. The maximum estimated cost is $1.5 million, which includes the easements. The district expects that aid from New York State Building Aid (including EXCEL aid) will offset a substantial part of the costs.

At the board of education meeting in February Superintendent Scott Smith estimated that funding would pay for over 95 percent of the cost.

The proposition notes that the existing water line that currently serves the district has been susceptible to breakdowns that have created water supply interruptions.

The proposition is designated as Proposition No.1 for voting purposes.

Voting will be on the optical scanning machines

District Clerk Kristen Aldinger said that some people have requested absentee ballots and some have called with questions. She also noted that the waterlines date from 1954.

The full text of the proposition can be found on the Cassadaga Valley Central School website:

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