Student artists prepare Great Lake FX exhibit

Great Lake FX students have been busy during the winter preparing for their art show featuring trees found growing near the Great Lakes Basin. The program integrates art with academics as the instructors help children learn to render trees as well as improve their academic skills through research and writing about each tree. The goals of this project are to help children discover methods of tree identification, increase awareness of ecological practices, and to observe how these trees contribute to the beauty and function within their community.

The strategy of combining art with activism is meant to help the public learn about and better appreciate their natural environment. Under the guidance of co-directors Lin Liedke and Chuck Ruffino, as well as volunteer Jacob Galofaro, children in the program are proud to help Great Lake FX celebrate its 13th year of public service in the form of “Eco-Art and Science.”

For additional information about the program, contact Lin Liedke or Chuck Ruffino at