Northern Chautauqua Landlord Association meeting Thursday

What is the strangest object you have ever pulled out of a drain at your rental unit? What is the savings associated with new water efficient dual flush toilets? How do you know when to replace a hot water tank? Where does one dispose of old plumbing equipment? Any recycle options? How do you prevent frozen water pipes in the winter? What are the most efficient furnaces and how much can a property owner save with this upgrade?

These are some of the questions which might come up when Casale Plumbing and Heating shares information with local landlords at their next meeting Thursday at 7 p.m. in Bell Towers, 10 Ruggles St., Dunkirk.

The mission of the Landlord Association states, “We will strive through programs of education for our members to better understand the rights and responsibilities of real estate investment. We will learn from each other’s experiences and strive to support strong and healthy businesses for our members. We will provide a time and place to exchange information to support one another and to have a positive impact on our community.”

Solidarity with other landlords, including cooperation with the Real Estate Investor Association of Jamestown helps assure the selection of responsible tenants who respect property, neighbors, and the overall appearance and well being of the city.

Shared information and experiences help identify more widespread problem areas. All local landlords are encouraged to join and advance these goals. The group continues to accept documentation from individual landlords of instances where government and grant agencies’ reluctance to hold dishonest and irresponsible clients accountable for their behaviors, contributes to lost rental properties and depreciating housing stock in our communities.