Program aims to help elderly, disabled with outdoor work this spring

SILVER CREEK – The Community Outreach Program in Silver Creek and Irving is ready to begin a spring clean-up campaign designed to assist elderly and disabled homeowners with outdoor tasks.

The Chautauqua Area Habitat for Humanity North County Satellite will assist needy homeowners of the two communities with one or more of the following tasks on one-story homes or on the first story only of multiple-story homes: one-time clean-up of yards; clean out of one-story home gutters; wash exterior windows on first story; take down storm windows and put up screens on one-story homes; do minor exterior repairs on steps and porches; do minor touch-up exterior painting; lawn edging; and flower-bed preparation for planting.

Please note that this is exterior work only; inside work cannot be done.

This project has been funded by the Silver Creek-Irving Community Heritage Foundation expressly for the purpose of improving neighborhoods in these two communities. To be eligible for the services described above, a homeowner must call 934-9543 to complete the application process.

North County Satellite has extensively rehabilitated two houses and constructed one new house in Silver Creek since 2007. It will start the construction of house number four this spring.

In addition to the families who now reside as tax-paying citizens in our houses, it serves two other groups of people.

The first is the neighbors of Habitat families. They gain new hope for their neighborhoods when a blighted property or a vacant lot becomes a beautiful home. They have witnessed significant positive changes in our Habitat neighborhoods as other families join the effort to make the houses on the street compare favorably to the Habitat property.

The second group of people Habitat serves is the volunteers. They have found so many people with time available who wish to contribute to their community in some way.

Some of these people feel that they lack the skills to work with Habitat, so we help them either learn the skills or we find tasks that they are capable of doing. The Community Outreach Program will provide many tasks for volunteers.

The Community Outreach Program is designed to identify and serve homeowners who need assistance to perform normal outdoor tasks around their houses. To apply, call 934-9543.