What ‘concern’ from columnist?


The “lack of heart” of the anti-choice activists that columnist Sarah Schwab refers to in her scribblings (April 7) on the abortion debate is directed to the reaction of the pro-life movement to abortionist slaughter houses and their intent to end life, such as by snipping the necks of babies born alive after an unsuccessful second trimester abortion.

Babies lucky enough to be born alive, despite the murderous attempt, are made certain to die before our eyes. Of course, if the abortionist is proficient, the child is dismembered “before seeing light,” and the barbarism is hidden in the womb.

It is ironic that those who object to this “loving care” of the abortionists are said to be without heart. Does Ms. Schwab find the killing of these children as a part of the cycle of life, or, per chance, an example of the survival of the fittest? Such loving concern!