Can’t there be a compromise?


Here is a recent letter I sent to those who are a part of Dynamics Unlimited:

Dear Parents and Gymnasts:

Three years ago, a devastating fire destroyed the Masonic building and with it the gym and the business. It would have been easy to call it quits at that time. But … after much deliberation I decided to re-build and with MUCH help relocated to St. Hyacinth’s gym and then another move to the Wheelock School. We have enjoyed our present location and we treasure the present friendships as well as the past.

We were recently informed that there would be children again in the Wheelock School and the gym would be needed for them. It is with the UTMOST regret that I must close the business. Please know that I will miss all of you – coaches, parents, family members and most certainly past and present gymnasts. After almost 35 years, we will be officially close(d) on June 20th.

In closing I ask two things of you: If possible to stay with Dynamics through June. We’d like to go out with a growl rather than a whimper. And if you know of pre-schools, etc. that would be interested in any of the soft developmental equipment – mats, etc. please let me know.

I hope that what we’ve instilled in each and every gymnast will be passed down to future generations.

My love and gratitude to all.

Carole Cotten

This letter was sent to gymnasts and parents upon receiving word that Dunkirk and Fredonia were combining for the Universal Pre-K Program at the Wheelock School. While I am a huge supporter of “combining,” I question the “selective” method of sharing facilities.

There is $75,000 worth of equipment already in place at the Wheelock School. There is equipment to develop arm strength, leg strength and abdominal muscles and the equipment is there to foster agility and balance. Soft developmental pieces are available to enhance eye-foot/eye-hand coordination which is so very important – especially for reading. There is even a soft strip mat which can be used for relay races, etc. and one section of the gym could be utilized for large group games and activities.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have Pre-K students use the gym and equipment during the day and allow Dynamics Unlimited to use it during the evening, while collecting $20,000, which is the amount Dynamics has paid to the Fredonia Central School District for the use of the gym?!

While that is not a monstrous amount in the big picture, it is a VERY significant amount to the 150-plus gymnasts and families who have been displaced – for the third time.

I sleep well at night knowing I have done everything humanly possible for the gymnasts in the area.

Can everyone say the same?

I’m just saying…

Carole Cotten is the owner of Dynamics Unlimited in Fredonia.