Columnist proves she is ‘spoiled’


I would like to comment on the column by Froma Harrop in the OBSERVER (March 7) headlined “Is the sequester that awful.”

This column was written by a journalist with a large bias attitude toward anyone with any type of common sense. For instance, the writer mentions the difference between the two major parties in reference to budget cuts especially to defense spending of which she states that the Democrats want but the Republicans don’t. My comment on this issue is defense spending should not be included, especially when this country is in a war on terrorists and also other radical countries such as North Korea and Iran are in the process of building nuclear weapons. These countries are dangerous and want to bury us.

It doesn’t take anyone with any type of common sense to figure that out so why a major political party wants to take such dangerous decisions and put the citizens of this country in danger. Why would they do such a thing? They should be looking at other issues such as spending money overseas to countries that don’t give a damn about us. Buying defective products form a dictatorship regime.

This writer criticizes other states for making too much money. She makes comments about cuts in the trillions but seems to forget about the trillions of dollars this administration wasted.

The writer also is not too happy with the Tea Party that consists of people who have had enough of big government, who calls the Republicans with her bias attitude “the far right” but she makes no mention of the Democrats’ “far left” attitude. People like this writer are the main reason people in this country are so confused with this type of bias media reporting.

I think this writer should wake up to reality but she never will because she is a typical spoiled person who lives in this great country I don’t even consider her a real American and all others with this type of bias and liberal attitude. Get a life, lady.