Dayton Food Pantry celebrates grand opening

DAYTON – The public is invited to attend the grand opening of the Dayton Food Pantry on Saturday at 2 p.m. at 9584 Railroad Ave. There will be a spaghetti dinner and music by Hymns for the Hungry. Donations will be greatly appreciated and given directly to the Food Pantry.

While many people have stayed indoors this winter, The Master’s Plan Cafe and “His Dwelling Place” Ministries have not been idle. The ministry is dedicated to providing access to innovative programs and caring for those in need in times of crisis, with a community focus. Their mission is to “touch, teach, and transform lives one family at a time.”

Their newest ongoing venture is to find, prepare and support a home of its own for a food pantry, which is now coming to its long worked-for completion. They would like to extend a warm welcome to community members to join them for the grand opening, and to help them thank the many volunteers who have donated time and resources to the project. Without them, this establishment would not have been possible.

The project started in fall 2012 by securing and emptying an old barn, then renovating it and bringing it up to the standards and codes required by the Buffalo Food Bank, the process being a huge undertaking. There were several community members who dedicated their winter months to ensuring the completion of the food pantry building. Several churches in the area also contributed immensely to this project.

David Schwedt spearheaded the project along with Terry Bley from the Free Methodist Church in Gowanda. These men were on the site five days a week, working for the most part without any kind of heating system. Jim Anderson shared his talents, which included but were not limited to installing the electricity. Anderson belongs to the Assembly of God Church in Gowanda.

A host of talents and donations from the United Methodist Church in Wesley were supplied. David Allen provided all the trim and then put up much of it. Bob Mardino supplied trucking for garbage disposal, installed the delivery doors and more. Bob Miller installed the heating system, and handled pick-ups and deliveries. Dan Weaver kept the area plowed and took garbage to the disposal station. Merrill Allen tracked the renovation project by taking pictures. Heartfelt thanks are extended to Peter Andrews and the Christian Youth Corps of Arcade for donating all of the lighting and flooring.

Executive Director Angie Mardino-Miller is reminded that it takes a community to change a community, and says that “when God is in it, He will provide the right people with the right talents.” She greatly appreciates the efforts of everyone who made this community asset a possibility.