Scouts learn about the importance of recycling

Fredonia Cub Scout Pack 267 held its monthly pack meeting with Earth Day as the theme.

The highlight of the meeting was a skit with the recycle monster. Cub Scout Leader Candise Tuggy played the recycle monster, who was hiding in a garbage can. When someone would put a recyclable items (such as glass, newspaper, plastic, etc.) in the garbage can, the recycle monster would throw out the item and yell “Recycle!” while waving lime green fuzzy gloves.

Cub Master Bill Brown would explain that the item that can be recycled should be placed in the recycle bin and not just thrown away in the regular garbage. A flyer was passed out with recycling statistics for the boys to read. Awards and bowling trophies were given out. The pack meeting concluded with a garbage sweep race, where four teams of scouts raced to see who could sweep up a garbage pile across room the fastest.

Scouting for Food flyers were distributed to the cubs at the April Pack meeting. The cubs will distribute the flyers to the local community on Saturday, April 20 and pick up the donated food on Saturday, April 27. This service project counts toward cub awards/badges and the goods will be donated to Rural Ministries.