Silver Creek board reviews projects at special meeting

SILVER CREEK – Several projects were addressed at the Silver Creek Village Board special meeting Wednesday.

Wendel engineers Gerald Summe, vice president, Keith Krug and Brian Sibiga attended the meeting to bring new board members up to date on the sewer project.

Krug explained Wendel was originally brought in to do a NYSERDA energy study. He said projects were identified for that and several were added to accommodate the DEC consent order the village received last August.

He said the whole project is split into two phases, the first of which will be ready to begin in about a month.

They asked the board for questions. Mayor Nick Piccolo asked if the water meters to be replaced in the project would come with a remote reader.

Sibiga said in addition to the new meters being more accurate and energy efficient, the remote readers will improve reading efficiency, which is important to the village as it goes to a four times per year billing cycle.

Trustee Thomas Harmon asked if the board will be kept in the loop once work starts. Summe said Wendel will have bi-weekly contractor meetings and compile monthly reports for the board.

Trustee Anthony Pearl asked if the village employees will be working on the project. Sibiga said Wendel will hire subcontractors for a majority of the work but village employees will facilitate the work and may do some in house work to keep costs down.

“We will be tearing apart Herm’s (Griewisch, sewer/water supervisor) kitchen and his living room, so to speak, so there will be things for them to do but not necessarily on a construction site,” Sibiga said.

Krug explained the majority of the $5.4 million project will be funded by the Environmental Facilities Corporation and the village will have to decide on how to pay for the remaining $300,000, through fund balance of bond anticipation notes, etc.

Summe said he will be scheduling a financial meeting with village officials soon to go over subcontractor costs.

The board also received a presentation from Northern Chautauqua County Local Economic Development Committee Chair Jay Warren on a Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan.

Warren explained an LWRP gets a municipality “on the radar for Albany” in terms of funding.

“When its done, it says to the state, ‘They know what they want. They have spoken to all their stakeholders and this is what they need,'” he said.

Silver Creek was part of the last attempt at an LWRP in 1998 and ironically Piccolo was a trustee at the time it was approved to be sent to the Department of State. Warren explained, however, that after the document was approved and it was sent back for revisions, nothing was done and it was forgotten until recently.

He explained there are a number of different kinds of projects that can be included in an LWRP. However, he said all the group needs is a commitment by June 1 to participate and appropriate $2,000 from the 2014 budget.

“The way I see it you have nothing to lose because if we don’t get the grant to do the LWRP then we won’t need your money for a consultant,” he said.

The board seemed enthusiastic about it. Harmon said they would like to let the planning board work on the projects the village needs.

“I think this is a chance to step up and do some of the projects previously pushed to the side,” he said.

The board also awarded the phase III waterline replacement project bid to Visone Construction of Depew, who was the lowest bidder at $1,222,325 and was the contractor on phase II.

The board will meet for a budget workshop on Saturday at 9 a.m. in the village hall. The board will also hold a special meeting to adopt the budget on May 1 and will hold its regular meeting May 6, both at 7 p.m.