Local manufacturer moving out but not going away

A local manufacturer is planning to move from its city of Dunkirk location – but not to worry – the jobs will stay local.

Dunkirk Metal Products of WNY LLC, currently located at the corner of Deer Street and East Lucas Avenue in the city, is making plans to move to the Chadwick Bay Industrial Park located in Sheridan. The news came during a meeting of the Chautauqua County Industrial Develop-ment Agency on Tuesday in Jamestown.

During the CCIDA meeting, the board authorized a resolution to sell a Chadwick Bay facility to Dunkirk Metal Products. In addition, the company will move its Brocton-based employees from their leased location to the new site, putting all its employees under the same roof. A portion of the building, which at one time housed the former Lorenzo Enterprises, will be leased to current tenant DKM Machine Manufacturing.

With the departure of Dunkirk Metal Products from its Brocton site, the building will be able to be fully utilized by Econoburn Boilers, which has been sharing the facility with Dunkirk Metal Products.

“It’s great for everybody that they’re getting out of Brocton,” Bill Daly, administrative director for the CCIDA, said. “It worked out great for the county and the IDA. Hopefully, this will go through and we will have an outstanding owner for Chadwick Bay and the Industrial Park building. It’s nice, because they’ve worked so well with DKM Machine Manufacturing, that we’ll have a Canadian company in the county.”

Daly said the conversation with the owners of Dunkirk Metal Products to find a new location has been going on for at least three years, and he is pleased at the outcome.

“The north county ended up not losing the 20 employees of Econoburn,” Daly said. “They now have 15 employees at DMP. It could have been zero at both places.”

Dunkirk Metal Product’s Joe Shull said there were seven employees in Brocton and 13 at the Deer Street plant who will be moving to the Chadwick Bay facility. He said the Deer Street and Brocton sites will no longer be used by DMP.

“We’re going to combine. We’re looking to hopefully expand jobs over the next couple years when we move into the new facility,” Shull added. “Once we move into that new facility it should open up our capabilities and work flow. We’re hoping to add some new equipment and by doing that also to create more jobs for people in the county.

“Our goal is to be able to get everything under one roof to help with the product flow, the day-to-day operations. What we strive for is to cross train as many employees as possible. That way, if one production line is slow we can move them to the other production line that’s busy, so we can interchange all our employees as best as possible.”

The new building totals 40,000 square feet, with two separate manufacturing areas of 17,000 square feet each. DKM Machine Manufacturing occupies one of the manufacturing areas and plans call for DMP to fill the other and the 6,000 square feet of office space.

“DKM isn’t requiring any office space at this time, it could come up at some point but at this point it’s all for Dunkirk Metal Products. The whole front of that building will be ours for office space,” Shull explained. “It’s really good news, we’re really excited about it. Our goal is to keep the company down here where we’re at. We’ve got a really good, dedicated work force.

“The IDA has helped us out immensely with this whole project. We’re all really excited to keep the work here in the Dunkirk area.”

OBSERVER Mayville Correspondent Liz Skoczylas contributed to this story.

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