Hilltop Spinners hold spin-in

The Hilltop Spinners recently met at the WCA Home in Fredonia for a spinning demonstration in the activity room. President Nanette Knappenberger of Westfield welcomed all to the meeting, and discussed spinning techniques with those who visited the group. It is the “twist” of the fleece which makes the yarn and gives it strength. The process includes shearing the sheep, combing the wool so that all fibers are going in one direction and then spinning it. Coloring the wool is a dying process, and includes many kinds of natural dyes, such as walnuts, plants and flowers.

Tammy TenPas of Clymer showed some yarn made from Angora rabbits.

“The rabbit can sit on your lap and you can spin the fleece right after combining the rabbit,” TenPas said.

The Hilltop Spinners, formed 35 years ago, welcomes new members. The group is planning a spinning demonstration at this summer’s Chautauqua County Fair in the Floral Hall.

The Hilltop Spinners is a group of people who are keeping the old art of using spinning wheels alive. The group is composed of members from southwestern New York, northwestern Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. The group meets on the second Saturday of the even months.

The group will meet again at the Loyalton in Lakewood in April.