Rap group looking for help in contest

A local group is looking for your help on their “Road to Roo” to perform at the annual music festival held in Manchester, Tenn.

The 7:30 Boys are looking for votes in a contest for a chance to perform at Brandon. The hip hop group, whose members are from the Jamestown area, consists of Corry Hartzell, Shawn Bingham, Blunton Edwards and Jonny Ray. Their marketing manager, Taylor McFarland of NYL Promotions entered the group into the contest.

“I came across the contest when I was looking for different events and shows I wanted to get them performing slots in over the summer,” McFarland said. “I entered them because I knew of Bonnaroo and knew its reputation. It is every underground artist’s dream to perform at Bonnaroo, let alone to perform in front of a large crowd that Bonnaroo has.”

Hartzell, who goes by C-Banga, said the group was excited to find out about being in the contest and would be excited if the group were to win the contest.

“It’s Bonnaroo, it’s a real big performance. A lot of real big hip hop artists perform out there,” Hartzell said. “If we go to perform, I’d be excited. … I’m just ready for it. It’s what I enjoy doing is the show. That’s what we focused a lot on is performing.”

The band was formed in 2010 and was co-signed by Atlantic Records in 2011. Hartzell and Bingham knew each other from high school, and Hartzell knew Ray previously. Edwards, was introduced to the group through Hartzell’s brother, a military recruiter.

Whoever has the largest number of votes at the end of the contest will be invited to perform at Bonnaroo in June. The group tries to keep the recording and producing of the music all local. They have also opened up for various musical acts, including Cassidy and Machine Gun Kelly. Bingham, who goes by Bama, said if 7:30 Boys wins the contest they will get a promotional package on the area to take out with them to Tennessee. Bingham also said if they were to win, he would be excited to visit family in Alabama.

“We’re not doing it for ourselves, we’re doing it for promotion of (Chautauqua County),” Bingham said. “It’s all about enhancing the area.”

Hartzell said the group wants to do “something big” for the community if they were to win the contest.

“We’re just really trying to do something big. We really want to help out the area and the community. We want to make the town a bigger and brighter place,” Hartzell said. “We just want to live the dream and have people help us out and to vote.

The 7:30 Boys are trying to reach out into the community and do shows aimed at teenagers and the younger population. The group is also looking to help with fundraisers locally if anyone is interested. The group wants to thank everyone for the support they have already received and for those who have voted for them.

“Thanks everybody for the support that we’ve received already,” Hartzell added.

A mix tape can be downloaded on iTunes for free under 7:30 Boys. To vote, log on to www.bonnaroo.sonicbids.com/artist/730-boys and click “Vote for 7:30 Boys.” Two exclusive tracks are available on the voting website. Links are also available on Facebook at www.facebook/730boys and online at www.730boys.com. The group may also be found on Twitter @seventhirtyboys. Band merchandise is available at Inkwells on Fourth Street in Jamestown. Voting ends April 24.

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