Gowanda High School selects March Students of the Month

GOWANDA – Gowanda High School has selected Students of the Month for March for their achievements in several different subjects. The honorees are as follows:

Alyssa Siragusa, Grade 10, science

Siragusa was chosen by Nancy Dispenza because of her love for science. Siragusa loves to learn how things work and she enjoys doing simple scientific experiments. She also enjoys learning about animals and their habitats. Siragusa participates in many family activities outside of school. Her favorite is bowling. After high school she would like to work with little kids. Presently she works with children in preschool and kindergarten on Mondays and Thursdays. She would like people to know that science is her favorite subject.

Brent Bogardus, Grade 10, ELA

Bogardus was nominated by Andrea Geist because of his exemplification of Panther PRIDE. Not only is he concerned with doing well academically, he is respectful, hardworking and always puts the needs of others first. He is a pleasure to work with. Congrats, Brent! Bogardus is a proud member of the champion varsity bowling team. Outside of school he is a member of an archery team and owns his own lawn care business. He plans to attend JCC after high school and study business. At a young age Bogardus realized that hard work pays off. Under the guiance of his boss Ben Hewitt he has learned to persevere when faced with a challenge.

Cory Wagner, Grade 11, social studies

Wagner was nominated by David Bohn because he is a pleasure to have in class, his behavior is exemplary and he is a positive influence upon those around him. His well-mannered and courteous cooperation in class is greatly appreciated. Wagner is always punctual in attendance and with assignments. He is a hard worker and, at the time of this writing, has a superior 97 percent average. He is a fine example of an excellent student. Wagner runs for both the cross country and track team. He is also a proud member of the Spanish club. He is going to attend ECC after his high school career.

Dylan Jones, Grade 10, Panther PRIDE

A student chosen for Panther PRIDE illustrates, on a daily basis, what being a panther means: prepared, respectful, involved, determined, and excellence. This month’s selection is Dylan Jones. Jones is a young man who has exceptional manners and compassion for others. He supports his fellow students and will speak up and take action when so many others stand by. He is a true role model and a respected member of the sophomore class. Jones participates in varsity wrestling for Gowanda and is a volunteer fire fighter for the Perrysburg Fire Company. After high school he plans to become a Marine like both of his older brothers.

Elizabeth Omicioli, Grade 11, LOTE

Omicioli was nominated by Joe Dempsey because she has a 100 average in her Sign Language class for the first semester. She is enthusiastic, involved, and helpful to others. She also played an important role in bringing this class to GCS through the BOCES Distance Learning Network. Omicioli runs for the Panthers in both cross country and track. Outside of school she participates in youth group and in small group at her church. Her goals for the future include becoming a sign language interpreter because she loves it and it’s different.

Justin Sowa, Grade 12, mathematics

Sowa was chosen by John Beaumariage because he has over a 100 average this quarter. He is willing to do all the required work and more. Sowa is well known for always doing his best work. His participation in his academics is admired by many. Sowa is a respected member of the National Honor Society, he participates in track and field and is active in youth group. His goal is to find a career that not only helps him but also helps many others.

Mathew Christopher, Grade 9, business

Matt was nominated by Ed Bugenhagen because his dedicated work ethic is consistently demonstrated in the classroom. He is eager to learn new concepts and ideas and readily makes up work after he is out. Christopher’s character stands as an example to other students as a reminder of how respect is shown equally to his peers, as well as his teachers. His kind and understanding personality allows other students to easily work with him. He is constantly working hard to improve his skills and always strives to put forth his best effort. Christopher enjoys playing baseball and outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing. His plan after high school is to attend college to study engineering.

Samantha Collier, Grade 12, the arts

Collier was nominated by Casey Mohr because she is always willing to take an artistic risk, asking to learn more while working intently to successfully achieve a new technique. Her artworks are often exemplars for her peers, constantly surpassing the teacher’s expectations required for each project. Furthermore, Collier is more than willing to aid a fellow aspiring artists in learning new techniques. She continues to impress everyone with the amount of time and effort she puts into her work outside of school. Self-motivation, high expectations, and determination allow Collier to be a strong art student who represents every aspect of panther PRIDE in the art classroom. She is a gifted art student and hopes to pursue a career in the arts. Her vision includes using art in real estate.

Zackery Degenfelder, Grade 10, physical education

Degenfelder was nominated by Amy Cassidy because he exemplifies the D (determined) in panther PRIDE. He is a real competitor who is always willing to take on new challenges. Any given class he can recall the score and tournament carryover from previous classes so the competition can pick up right where they left off. He welcomes others to the class and is encouraged when they join the game. Degenfelder is a conscientious student who tries hard to make up missed classes and attempts all new activities with an open mind and quickly modifies technique based on results. It is a pleasure to work with him and his positive attitude. Degenfelder is a member of the GHS band and coaches Little League football outside of school. He plans to attend college upon graduation.