It’s time for town to take over Silver Creek


This is an open letter to village of Silver Creek taxpayers:

I have been reading all the political tripe in your paper. Someone always has an opinion or proposals for getting elected. How many have delivered?

In reference to letters dated Feb. 16 and March 3 in regards to our local police department, the questions raised have got me asking questions. The increase of “calls” went up 400 percent. Then according to that letter each person in our village of less than one square mile made 5.2 complaints in 2012. The city of Dunkirk, with more than 10,000 people had about 40,000 complaints. We live in a terrible community. Four members of our local police department left to work for bigger agencies. That’s more money, bigger benefits and less internal strife according to them.

I personally made a complaint last fall to the mayor and police department about a mattress and garbage being dumped along the bank between Main Street and Route 20. Today, this junk is still there!

As far as enforcing all the number of laws listed, drive around our village any Wednesday from 11 a.m. on. I believe the law states not to place garbage on the curb before 6 p.m. Response time is longer than stated. This is because they have to come back from Tim Horton’s. I have waited more than 15 minutes and on a summer night when a drunk driver struck the neighbor’s car in their driveway, the CX cars got here first. As a retired supervisor of a larger department, response times were of the utmost importance to our providing police protection.

I really don’t see any more conflict on the Village Board than there was the first time I was fire chief in 1974-75. Everyone has opinions and these are mine.

Silver Creek is a small village of “mostly elderly” who deserve police protection. After all, we have been paying taxes here our entire lives. We, as taxpayers, cannot continue to subsidize small empires when other options are available. Our board should contact Sheriff Joseph Gerace to see if his agency can do this for less.

When the county Sheriff’s Department took over Brocton Police Department, the only things that changed were the color of the police cars and the color of the uniform. I was the station sergeant there for more than eight years; I know how it worked.

What about our water, sewer and public works departments? Can the town help us with consolidation of services? We pay town taxes too!

If anyone can save us money, we should be listening and doing what is right for the taxpayer. Each department has grown through the years, but not our population. Each year our taxes go up more than the other places have.

Perhaps it is time for a change. Consolidation is working in many other municipalities. If we can make changes for the better, let’s eliminate finger-pointing, back-stabbing, personal feelings and untruths. Let’s do what is right for the village. Maybe abolishing the village of Silver Creek could be the answer. We could save hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money.

Our largest taxpayer is moving out! I heard one politician say, “We will just get someone else in their place.” Not that easy in a place where you have nothing to offer. A new Village Board may be able to make changes for our future and the “future of our children.” That phrase always works for the Board of Education.

Jim Tytka is a Silver Creek resident.