Stockton board agrees to lease space in library building

STOCKTON – The Town of Stockton unanimously agreed to a lease with the Board of Trustees of the Mary E. Seymour Memorial Library.

The town occupies space in the library building in Stockton. The town will now pay $800 per month for its space, plow the parking lot and mow the grass. It will not be responsible for the sidewalks in front of the building.

The lease is for five years with an option to renew for three years at a 5 percent increase in cost.

Councilman John Beichner moved to accept the lease, and then said, “It is done right, finally. Dave (Wilson) you did a fantastic job with this.”

Bryan Meder asked Wilson whether the lease was retroactive to Jan. 1. Wilson said it was. Payments to the library will be in the bills the board reviews.

Meder and Stan Zembryski also expressed their appreciation to Wilson for following through with the lease.

During the public comment part of the meeting, Dan Bauman presented information about the Chautauqua County Antique Equipment Association’s two events to board members.

On May 11, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the group will hold its first Plow Day and Gas Up event at 4578 Cemetery Road in Stockton. Members of the association who have tractors are welcome to come and help turn the sod on site. Coffee and donuts as well as lunch will be available at the site. Memberships will be available on site. For information, call Ray at 595-3485. The group’s website is

The annual show will be Aug. 16, 17, and 18 this year.

During his report, Highway Superintendent Aaron Burnett asked board members whether a town clean-up would be done this year. The board set the date as May 18 and asked Town Clerk Kathryn Palmer to prepare an information sheet explaining what can be brought for disposal and what items are excluded.

Job Corps students, as part of their efforts to commemorate Earth Day, will be coming to Stockton on Tuesday . They will pick up rubbish and haul it to the landfill.

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