‘Tough week’: Horror, sadness fill nation

For many of us heading back to work today, it is the start of a new week. Thank goodness.

We can all agree it was a trying week – locally and nationally. It began one week ago with the Boston Marathon. Around 3 p.m. last Monday, a city and nation watched in horror on televisions, computers and cell phones as three died and hundreds were injured in a senseless bombing. By Friday evening, those responsible died in a shootout and the other main suspect was found in a pool of blood in someone’s boat.

West, Texas, was in the spotlight as well after a fertilizer plant became engulfed in flames Wednesday and exploded. The small town will never be the same.

And in Chautauqua County, we also had our share of sadness. An inexplicable double homicide in the south county has led to four arrests and a Thruway accident to our east killed three people and injured eight.

On Friday evening, President Barack Obama echoed the sentiments of many while addressing the nation. “All in all it’s been a tough week,” he said. “But we’ve seen the character of our country once more.”

Now, some normalcy would really be appreciated.