‘Teacher torture’

Normally physical education teachers do not have purple hair, but Andrew Hamilton, PE teacher at Northern Chautauqua Catholic School dyed his hair recently.

Hamilton decided to shave his beard, legs and head, as well as dye his hair if the school could raise $1,000 for Relay for Life. The school raised $1,054 in total. Hamilton said he came up with the idea after doing some research online.

“I did some research online for fundraising and I came across teacher torture,” he said.

Some of the ideas that he found were letting someone else teach their class or shaving various parts of the body. He decided to shave his dyed hair, legs and beard if the students could reach the goal of $1,000.

Even if the school did not reach the $1,000 goal, a schoolwide vote was taken. The school’s first choice was for Hamilton to dye his hair, which he would do if the students raised $500. The next goal was $700 which would allow Hamilton to do two of the four items and three would be done if $900 was raised. He said the whole event was “great motivation” for students to raise money.

“I’m proud of the kids, parents and faculty,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton dyed his hair purple on March 19. He chose purple in honor of the Relay for Life color and NCCS’ school colors which are purple and gold. He also shaved his beard and legs on that day. Hamilton joked he will never shave his legs again and will never complain about women not shaving. Many students wanted Hamilton to shave his eyebrows, but he said no. His wife Molly shaved his head in front of the school. Hamilton said she wasn’t thrilled about his ideas.

“At first when I came up with the idea, she wasn’t thrilled. Then I told her it was for a good cause and she came around,” he said.

Hamilton said he was nervous prior to shaving his head, only because it was in front of parents, students and faculty in the school’s gymnasium. The school is now having a spare change drive and the two top classes in grades Pre-K through third and fourth through eighth grades will receive a prize. Hamilton plans on another fundraiser next year to raise money for Relay for Life again but isn’t quite sure what it will be yet.

“I don’t know how I’ll beat it next year,” Hamilton said.

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