New books at Darwin R. Barker Library

In memory of Bruce K. Carpenter

Cussler. “Dark Watch,” book-on-CD

Cussler. “Sacred Stone,” book-on-CD

Patterson. “Private London,” book-on-CD

Shenk. “The Immortal Game,” book-on-CD

Swados. “Counsel in the Crease”

“Twenty Great Westerns,” DVD

In memory of Patrick Coughlin

Neville. “Ratlines”

In memory of Gertrude C. and Jay A. Finley

Layton. “A Letter to My Dog”

Scott. “Newborn Puppies”

In memory of Cecilia Godin

Malouf. “The Happy Life”

In memory of Jonathan Gollnitz

Bates. “America the Beautiful”

Farmer. “Valentine Be Mine”

Macaulay. “Jet Plane”

Tavares. “Becoming Babe Ruth”

Vogel. “Measuring Volume”

In memory of Margaret Dengler Hawley

Duncan. “The Dust Bowl”

In memory of Jane Luke Lawson

Yukes. “Knitting from the Center Out”

Bjork. “Simple Weaves”

In memory of Mary Leonetti

Beauman. “The Teleportation Accident”

Berg. “Tapestry of Fortunes”

Bradford. “Secrets from the Past”

Johansen. “Taking Eve”

Meister. “Farewell, Dorothy Parker”

Rau. “Dessert Designer”

Roberts. “Whiskey Beach”

Tremain. “Merivel”

In memory of James Mattone

Garfield. “On the Map”

In memory of Marshall Nelson

Alexander. “Proof of Heaven”

In memory of Virginia Passafaro

McGrath. “C.S. Lewis- A Life”

In memory of Lucille M. Rizzo

Cooper. “Twins”

In memory of Robert Neil Salhoff

Roberts. “Grand Central”

Stashower. “The Hour of Peril”

In memory of Jacqueline J. Smith

Cott. “Dinner with Lenny”

Gottlieb. “Great Expectations”

Kidder. “Good Prose”

Wood. “Creating Room to Read”

In memory of Jeanne E. Steger

Barnes. “The Perfect Ghost”

Eccles. “After Clare”

Gardner. “Touch & Go”

Goodman. “Eighty Days”

Gunn. “Eleven Little Piggies”

Hare. “The Genius of Dogs”

Jance. “Deadly Stakes”

Myers. “Classic in the Clouds”

Nagelschneider. “The Cat Whisperer”

Webb. “The Llama of Death”

In memory of Bea Ullman

Stashower. “The Hour of Peril,” large print edition