Forestville holds public hearing on budget

FORESTVILLE – Residents in the village of Forestville had a chance to voice their comments on the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Several residents were in attendance but the village board heard few opinions on the budget.

Resident Jeanne Polisoto wanted to raise a question about the total budget figures. She cited the budget was about $100,000 less several years ago. The current proposed budget is $492,270. The proposed tax rate for the town is $5.49, a 7 percent reduction. The last reduction the village of Forestville had in tax rates was over a decade ago.

“It seems like maybe four or five years ago, the (budget) was over $300,000. That’s pretty dramatic (increase). I know you said there was an 8 percent cuts … are we going to go still forward or are we going to back some retraction?” Polisoto said.

Mayor Linda Aures said the public hearing was an opportunity for the board to hear comments from the public, but not the time to answer questions. The proposed budget included $1,400 increase each, from the original budget presented in late March, for shared personnel in the safety inspection and zoning personnel lines from an estimate from the village of Silver Creek. Other changes included: the personal services line for maintenance of roads was decreased by $8,000; contractual expenses for maintenance of roads was down $6,000; CHIPS money for capital outlay was increased by $3,382; and CHIPS money was increased by $3,382 in state aid line to reflect actual funds received.

The village board will meet again today at 7 p.m. at the municipal building.

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