Fredonia Village Board passes budget

The village of Fredonia passed its budget for the upcoming fiscal year at its Monday night meeting board . The village approved the budget by a vote of 4 to 1 with Trustee Marc Ruckman voting “nay.”

The budget totaling more than $10 million for the general, water and sewer funds is broken down as follows: the general fund $6,600,330, the sewer budget $2,444,416 and the water fund $1,700,555. The tax rate per thousand of assessed value is $33.58.

When Mayor Stephen Keefe proposed his budget in March, the tax rate per thousand of assessed value was $33.81. According to Keefe, this was a $1.08 increase in the tax rate.

Included in the sewer and water budgets are increases in the minimum charges for the sewer rent and water charge.

The sewer rent will increase to $10 from the current $5 minimum. The minimum water charge will increase to $25 from the current rate of $15. Water and sewer usage rates will not increase.

Both the sewer and water minimum increases would be a local law requiring a public hearing.

The village board will hold the public hearings on May 13 at 7:30 p.m. in the trustees room on the second floor of village hall.

Included in the final budget was the Fredonia Police Department’s budgeted items for two new police vehicles, an interview room addition and patrol rifles.

The department currently does not have an interview room where criminals can be left alone if officers need to step out and have a conversation.

Police Chief Bradley Meyers said the rifles were “absolute.”

“The need for patrol rifles to me is just absolute,” Meyers said at a budget workshop in March.

Keefe thanked the board for iys efforts during the budget process.

“I appreciate all the hard work the trustees put in to this budget. I know there was a lot of work, coming in an hour early, leaving two hours later than normal. The amount of stress that goes through this process, thank you very much. I appreciate it,” he said.