Some local layoffs are postponed

The New York State Department of Labor has provided updates on the layoff status of two local companies.

According to Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notifications posted on the state website, employees of Petri Baking Products in Silver Creek will be on the job a while longer.

The plant’s closing has been pushed back until sometime this summer. The plant is listed as having 228 employees and is slated to start laying them off on June 15 or within 14 days of that date. Layoffs will continue until the plant is closed due to economic reasons.

The Carriage House Companies Talcott Street facility is listed as having stopped production on April 12. There were 133 employees affected and those who are members of Chapter 26, National Conference Firemen & Oilers District of Local 32 BJ/SEIU had the opportunity to bump into the company’s Fredonia plant.

The new WARN notice states some layoffs are postponed to occur between May 6 or within 14 days following.

The reason for the dislocation is listed as the sale of the company. Petri and Carriage House were purchased by ConAgra Foods Inc. in January.