Issue is violence, not the guns


I recently listened to “Meet the Press” when U.S. Sen. Mark Rubio was being asked about “the gun issue.” He remarked that we are focusing on this when it is not the greatest problem, which is violence in our society.

Yes, there are some things which we need to address regarding guns in our society today. We are living in a very different time than when the Constitution was enacted. There is no need for people to own “assault” guns. They can be left in the hands of the military.

Yes, criminals will find ways to acquire guns illegally. That is the nature of criminals. But consider the recent violence in Boston, without the use of guns. We have seen the results of bullying, and that is also violence. Let’s back off from “the gun issue” and refocus our discussion on the issue of violence and how we can rid ourselves of this pox on our society!