Board won’t be cowed by wayward road beast

HANOVER – The wandering cow on King Road continues to be an issue, according to Hanover Town Councilman Wayne Ashley.

Ashley reported to the town board recently that he visited the Sheriff’s Department in Mayville to see how many calls have been made about this cow.

“I went to Mayville to see how many times deputies have been to King Road about the cow. The deputies alone have been called 17 times in three months. That doesn’t even include the number of times the troopers have stopped,” he said.

“Holy cow,” Supervisor Todd Johnson exclaimed.

Previously, the town board discussed the situation with this cow owner and after determining the town would not be in any way responsible in the case of an accident, decided against a town ordinance.

Ashley said he is working on a solution, which would not include the lengthy pro-cess of passing an ordinance.

“An ordinance will take too long,” he said.

Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo also reported a problem on another road in the town. He explained a 15-foot portion of Ohio Street was never deeded to the town. He said this was supposed to have been done a long time ago and the process was never finished.

D’Angelo brought up the matter after the owner of the portion of road said he would like to deed it to the town. Town Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro said he will look into the legal aspects of ownership and the transfer before the town proceeds.

The board also heard a presentation from Silver Creek Superintendent of Schools Daniel Ljiljanich and Business Administrator Cindy Mackowiak on the school budget.

The total proposed budget is $20,477,618 with a proposed tax levy of $5,661,824, a 2.7 percent increase. this would translate to a $0.47 increase in the full-value tax rate.

A resident asked if positions are cut in the budget. Ljiljanich said a half-time music and half-time French teacher are cut, which will result in French no longer being offered by the district.

It was also asked if the school’s population is decreasing. Ljiljanich said the school’s population is stable but there are larger graduation class sizes at the elementary level.

The budget vote is set for May 21 from 1 to 9 p.m. in the high school lobby. Also up for a vote is to expend $118,978 from the vehicle reserve for a bus, create a new vehicle reserve for up to $850,000 using other reserves and fund balance and two board seats are up for election.

The town board will hold its next meeting May 13.