Collins discusses trash days

COLLINS – Residents in the town of Collins may have another opportunity to get rid of their trash twice a month. The idea was brought up during a town board meeting during public access.

Highway Superintendent Dennis Jensen brought up the idea of having two trash collection days per month. Assistant Code Enforcement Officer Charlie Siegle said he was at the last trash day in March and the transfer station. He noticed there was more trash being collected.

“I was down there at 11 a.m. and it was a mess,” he said.

He suggested having trash days two times per month, perhaps on a Wednesday in addition to the normal Saturday trash days. He said retired individuals and those who do not have to work during the day could go on Wednesday reducing traffic on Saturdays. Supervisor David Tessmer said he hears conflicting reports about trash day being successful. Current trash days are held monthly except during February and September. Siegle said by splitting up the days, it may make it easier on the workers.

“The help is there. It might make it easier on the people working (at the transfer station),” he said. “If it could be split up in the month, it might not be as crazy.”

The town board will discuss the matter at a later date. The town also authorized the 2013 Liberty Fest to be held on June 29. The town also increased the town prosecutor’s salary to $5,000 per year and declared May 5 as Draft Animal Day in the town.

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