Sheridan hears Silver Creek budget presentation

SHERIDAN – The town of Sheridan heard a presentation on the Silver Creek Central Schools budget at its monthly board meeting. Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich led the presentation about the upcoming fiscal year’s budget for the district.

Ljiljanich said the district is receiving an increase in state aid of 4.09 percent, which is $213,516 more than the district had budgeted. The proposed budget is $20,477,618 which is a 3.25 percent increase. The proposed tax rate will increase $0.47. When the public votes on the budget, there will be two other propositions in addition to the budget.

The public will have to vote on an authorization to expend $118,978 from the vehicle reserve for a 66-passenger bus purchase and authorization to establish an additional vehicle reserve in an amount to not exceed $850,000. The amount may be lower depending on what the unappropriated fund balance is at the end of June. The board has $350,000 to place in the account already. None of these propositions has an impact on the tax levy.

“The $500,000 will just depend on what our unappropriated fund balance is at the end of June. If it holds where we believe it’s going to hold, we’ll be putting the full amount in. If it drops a little bit below that, we’ll be putting a little less,” Ljiljanich said.

The town also swore in John Reardon as planning board chairman for a term to expire in 2017. Supervisor Louis Delmonte also presented Reardon with a plaque for his service to the town.

“Thank you for all your service and dedication to the community,” Delmonte said.

The town is also declaring 17 church pews surplus. Anyone interested in purchasing a pew is asked to contact the town clerk Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 672-4174. Pews are 12 feet in length and they may be cut shorter. The Muldowney Brothers Lawn Care was awarded the lawn mowing bid for the 2013 season for a total of $3,400. The board will hold a workshop meeting on May 6 at 7 p.m. with the regular town board meeting being held May 16 at 7:30 p.m.

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