Sneak peek

IRVING – The new emergency department at Lake Shore Hospital has received a makeover. A sneak preview of the new facilities was held Thursday evening at the hospital.

The open house was to mark the completion of phase one of construction, which started about six months ago. The newly renovated emergency department has seven private rooms, including a larger trauma room, a private shower and a negative air flow room to be used for gas contamination or if someone needed to be isolated. The negative air flow room also has access to a private entrance in case patients need to be quarantined. When designing the emergency department, physicians and nurses were crucial in the design.

“The biggest thing for the community is a state of the art emergency department,” David Janicke, emergency department director, said. “We feel very good the design will lead to more efficiency.”

The nurses station has access to view each room in the department as well as monitor each patient by computer screen. The station also has ample work space for physicians and nurses to work together cooperatively.

Registered Nurse Roseann Mohney, who has worked at the emergency department for numerous years, said the new department will increase privacy for patients, which was a big concern for the department. Each room is equipped with doors and blinds that can be shut for more privacy. Another unique feature is patients will be brought back into a room, space permitting, for registration and triage. A nurse and physician will visit with the patient to ensure the most prompt care. An area for quick treatment similar to an urgent care facility will also be utilized for patients will less serious illnesses or injuries with three beds to treat patients.

“Triage is not a room, it’s a process,” Mohney said. “Physician and nurse interaction is key.”

Chief Operating Officer Linda Summers said nurses had a lot of input and design during the renovations of the emergency department.

“They’ve had opportunity to see their dreams become a reality,” Summers said. “It’s nice to provide for our community.”

In addition to the three beds in the quick treatment area, the department has seven rooms each, containing a bed. All floors in the department are rubberized and contain neutral colors. The trauma room can add an additional bed if necessary. Each room is complete with a TV. One of the rooms even has a reinforced door if a patient were to be a risk to others. A new ambulance bay has room for four ambulances to be parked at once and has a canopy.

The next phase will include work on the triage room, a registration area, a waiting area, director’s office and an access center. All registration for the hospital is currently located at the main entrance and that will be moved closer to the emergency department. An access center will have two beds for mental health patients as well as prisoners who are brought in from the area’s correctional facilities. Construction on phase two will be completed this summer.

“The community will be very excited when they see it,” Janicke said.

The emergency department was funded by some grants totaling $1.9 million. The entire project is around $2.6 million. The hospital is still currently raising funds for the department and to contribute, contact the hospital .

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