Brocton Village Board approves budget with increase

BROCTON – Village of Brocton trustees resolved to adopt Brocton’s 2013/2014 budget, which was presented with a 9 cent increase for this budget year.

Members of the board approved the village’s general budget in the amount of $643,568, calling for an increased tax rate that has been set as $11.15/$1,000 of assessed valuation. Expected revenues are estimated at $298,147; $50,800 still remains in the unreserved fund balance from the previous budget year; and $294,621 is expected to be raised from taxes. The village’s fiscal year will commence on June 1 and end on May 31, 2014.

The village’s trustees also unanimously approved utility budgets for the expected budget year during their April meeting. Brocton’s electric budget was approved in the amount of $719,293; expected revenues total $663,225 and $56,068 remains in the unreserved fund balance. The water budget was authorized in the amount of $470,583 with anticipated revenues of $436,100 and $34,483 in the department’s unreserved fund balance. The wastewater budget was authorized in the amount of $496,072. Expected revenues for wastewater treatment services amount to $372,525 and $123,546 exists in the unreserved fund balance for this budget year.

In other matters, Village Clerk Karen Ardillo commended all members of the Brocton and Portland Fire Departments on an “excellent job providing fire police protection during the reconstruction of our arch on April 6 and 7.”

Brocton Fire Chief Brian Woleben reported to the board that an open house at the fire department Saturday has been slated for the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the village’s fire hall on Lake Avenue. All paid and volunteer fire companies are being encouraged to host open houses by Chautauqua County emergency management and fire protection officials, according to Woleben, and the fire chief added that this would be an opportune time for anyone interested in volunteering to meet with members. Refreshments will be served and Woleben encourages anyone interested from the general public to stop by.

He also reported that motorists and active responding fire department members take note that Stockton’s bridge on Route 380 will be closed for a time.

Members of the board also resolved to schedule a May 1 public hearing at 6:30 p.m., just prior to the start of their next regular meeting for proposed Local Law 1 of 2013 dealing with dumpster use in the village.

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