Forestville Village Board appoints new attorney, OKs water payments

FORESTVILLE – The Forestville Village Board had a full agenda at its regular meeting. Two resolutions concerning the water project were passed, a new village attorney was appointed and a special meeting was scheduled for April 30 at 7 p.m. The meeting will have the village budget on the agenda and possibly other items.

In addition, the board discussed but did not act on a request from the J Carter Knapp Post 953 of the American Legion in Forestville for the board to take over the purchase and maintenance of American flags in the village. The board also discussed whether to purchase a new lawnmower for the village, lease one, or contract out for mowing in the village.

One resolution passed concerning the water project was a payment of $166,439 to H & K services for the work on the well ties. The other approved a payment of $17,814 to Clark Patterson Lee for professional services for the period ending March 22. Both of these resolutions are contingent on approval from the Environmental Facilities Corporation Funding Agency and the Department of Health of New York State.

Michael J. Sullivan, Esq. was appointed village attorney for a one-year term on a contract basis at the rate of $75 per hour.

There was no major discussion about any of the resolutions, and they were passed unanimously.

Thomas Halicki, Commander of the J. Carter Knapp Post 953, sent a letter to Mayor Linda Aures. He wrote that the legion “has purchased and maintained the U.S. Flags displayed every year in downtown Forestville, since the 1920s. The Forestville Legion does not have cash flow coming in weekly, like most Legions, VFWs and other veteran establishments, due to not having a daily bar or food sales. Financially we can’t afford to purchase and maintain these flags any longer. Therefore, the Legion requests that purchasing and maintaining the flags in Forestville, become the responsibility of the Village of Forestville.”

The letter stated that the utility company had given the Legion permission to put the flags on the telephone poles. It suggested that a total of 18 flags be put up and requested this be done before Memorial Day. The flags that were used in the past were upright.

Trustee David Bishoff Sr expressed his concern that the village would have liability if a utility worker was hurt because the flag got in the way. Trustee Margaret Borrello was unsure if the necessary research could be done before Memorial Day.

Street Supervisor Charles Brewster suggested looking at what the condition of the flags the Legion has and at least getting them up like they were last year. When asked if he and the other village worker could do this he answered, “I’m sure we could find the time for this.” He added, “The flags that way would be better than no flags.”

Trustee Kevin Johnson offered to talk with Halicki and hoped he could have more information for the next meeting on April 30.

The Board also discussed what to do about mowing in the village. Brewster had advised the board that the lawnmower needs replacement because it does not comply with safety requirements for village use. This lawnmower would cost at least $4,000. The board then discussed whether a mower should be purchased,tracted out.

Trustee Bishoff favored contracting out. Trustee Borrello asked questions and then said, “I don’t have enough information to make a decision.”

The board asked Clerk James White and Brewster to develop fuller information on all the options.

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