Treasure our great area asset


The New York Sea Grant is a statewide network of integrated research, education, promoting coastal economics, environmental, citizen awareness and education. In other words, the agency has been “bringing science to the shore” since 1971.

It is most important to us in Dunkirk, because Lake Erie is the lowest of all the Great Lakes. Also, it is considered international water because it borders another country: Canada. We are protected by the Federal Great Lakes Sea Grant for security and also pollution.

The Great Lakes Seaway Trail is part of Sea Grant Programs, and locates what is important in your area for growth, economics and tourism. Our main economy is Dunkirk water filtration plant. If we are to become the regional supplier, we need much rebuilding. Also, our waste treatment plant! This will bring us a science lab, boat and much more construction for our harborfront.

We have a scenic area in the Lighthouse Veterans’ Museum. We were very much involved with the War of 1812. After all, the first shot of the war was fired right here near the Dunkirk Lighthouse, near Canadaway Creek, which opened the way to Fredonia.

It’s in a book, where the name Mrs. E. M. H. Edwards was a reporter for the Dunkirk OBSERVER, who wrote the story of Dunkirk! Our Harbor Commission will be much involved. We had Sam Genco of Jamestown scuba diving for over 30 years in our harbor.

He even talked about the beautiful sunsets on the lake each day! A gentleman from Canada who did scuba diving with Jacques Cousteau was there; there were eight presenters. We have to be proud, and thank you to the Environmental Protection Agency, Fredonia State and the University at Buffalo.

Now all that is needed is to get our train station re-opened.

It’s going to be crucial, and get our cable TV up to date, because Dunkirk wants to know what’s going on in the city.

Valerie Pawlak is a Dunkirk resident.