DFT Communications brings high-speed fiber services to the home

DFT Communications has always prided itself on being innovative and pivotal in supplying new services to the residents of Chautauqua County. Being on the cutting edge is crucial in a technologically-based business, and DFT is continually fulfilling a leadership role in providing new and improved service to its customers.

In 2012, DFT introduced “Lightspeed,” the first in a series of Fiber to the Home projects. Lightspeed launched in the West Town of Dunkirk, and consists of over 40,000 feet of fiber-optic cable.

“Fiber to the Home was a huge undertaking for DFT, in terms of the concept and investment,” said Kate Morrison, Development Coordinator. “While we have a fiber network that is unrivaled in Chautauqua County, it is primarily a business network. Bringing that network to the home is new.”

Fiber is not necessarily a new technology, but its implementation has been consistently growing for more than a decade. Traditional high-speed internet, like DSL or cable, can usually hit around 18 megabytes per second (Mbps) download speed, but the upload speeds hovering around 1 Mbps often leave the user wanting.

That’s where fiber excels.

“Fiber can easily have upload speeds 20 to 30 times that of traditional high speed,” said Morrison. “Currently our lowest upload speed is 3 Mbps. Our highest offered now is 24 Mbps, and it can only go up from there.”

DFT is facing the daunting job of providing ever-increasing speeds to an ever-growing demand for faster internet, but the company is up to the task.

“It’s all about bandwidth. We see a lot of demand for more than just downloading,” said Morrison. “Uploading activities are on the rise – digital photography sharing, gaming, etc. These are all trends that, while the activity has always been there, the need for faster upload speeds is becoming far more prevalent.”

The best part about Lightspeed fiber to the home is that users don’t need to change anything on their computers to take advantage of the new service. Lightspeed connects directly to the Ethernet port already present on nearly all modern computers, and DFT can provide a router to make the whole home wireless.

“It used to be that you have the ‘family computer,'” said Morrison. “Now, everybody has a computer or smart phone or tablet- or all three. A wireless router gives the flexibility for everyone to have high speeds.”

High speeds aren’t the only perk of fiber to the home. The service is priced so a switch from regular high speed should be as easy as a phone call to DFT.

“Our top package- which has download speeds of 24 Mbps and upload speeds of 12 Mbps costs about the same as traditional high speed options,” said Morrison. DFT has other plans that include data and voice, and specials for discounted service for the first three months.

The ultimate goal of the Fiber to the Home project has been not only a business promotion, but a community promotion – something DFT is familiar with.

“Community is important to DFT,” said Morrison. “Yes, this was an investment, but it wasn’t just about money. It’s about making our community better. These types of services are what help communities grow, and that’s something that is very important to us as a company.”

DFT is continuing that commitment to growth, this time in the south county. They are currently building out 40,000 feet of fiber from the center of Falconer through Allen St.- a project which began in April of 2013.

For more information on Fiber to the Home, or to see if service is available in your area, call DFT Communications today at 716-673-3000, 1-877-653-3100 or visit www.dftcommunications.com.

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