Guns involved in ‘terrible crimes’


First let me state that I am not against gun owners – I own a couple of guns for hunting purposes myself.

I have many friends and relatives that own all types of guns. There is nothing wrong with good people owning any type of gun although sometimes I question for what purpose they own certain types of weapons.

With this being said, let’s get back to the letter “No guns used in Boston” (April 21). Sorry , but to say guns were not involved in the Boston bombing is just wrong. Maybe no guns were seen before or during the initial planting and detonation of these devices, but do you honestly think those two men did not have guns with them at the time?

Oh, I’m sure if they did have guns they were registered and only held seven rounds. What about the MIT security officer, what did they shoot him with a slingshot?

Last but not least, when the suspects were finally confronted, why were there hundreds of bullet casings found on the ground afterward and one of the suspects shot dead if no guns were involved? I don’t believe all these casings were from police weapons. When the police finally did find the second suspect I believe they reported he was armed.

Unfortunately in this country, guns are in some way involved in most terrible crimes. I know it is upsetting to the good, honest and law-abiding citizens who own guns but law enforcing agencies need some help and we have to start somewhere.

If you own a gun – or guns – and are one of these citizens, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about.