County GOP eyes three, but no names

MAYVILLE – County Republicans have their eye on three potential county executive candidates, but have no intention of releasing their names in the near future.

According to Allan Hendrickson, Chautauqua County Republican Committee chairman, the group has approached three individuals it believes are qualified for the county executive position. Although he would not provide the names of the individuals at this time, Hendrickson said two have expressed interest in possibly running for the position, for which County Executive Greg Edwards announced recently he would not be seeking a third term.

“We have a candidate-support committee, which is also our search committee,” Hendrickson said. “We have contacted three people, all three of which would be qualified (for county executive).”

As of yet, Hendrickson said no one had voluntarily come forward to express interest in the position; however, the committee would be more than willing to meet with anyone who may want to throw their hat into the ring.

“We aren’t soliciting. We haven’t put ads in the paper or gone on the radio or anything,” Hendrickson said. “I think any one of the three we are talking to would be good. But, if somebody came forward, we would certainly interview them, talk to them.”

When looking for a candidate, Hendrickson said the committee looks especially for someone who has business experience. He also said a candidate with political experience helps during campaigning, but isn’t necessarily the most important aspect of a potential candidate.

Hendrickson said when it comes to announcing a candidate, he does not anticipate releasing a name until after June 30.

“I would not announce a candidate until the full county committee meeting does the endorsing,” Hendrickson said.