Pump It Up! Gymnasts take home the Gold

The gymnastics team at Pump It Up! have been busy training for meets within the New York State area.

During their Lucky Stars Meet in Jamestown, Sydney Swan was chosen to receive an elite award for teamwork and dedication. This trophy is awarded to a single gymnast from the hundreds of gymnasts who competed.

The girls then competed at the Spring Graffiti where Julia Hill and Sydney Swan placed first to take home gold.

The Hawaiian Cup was a Hawaiian-themed meet in Syracuse where levels 3 and 4 competed. Dressed up in their Hawaiian attire the Pump It Up! Level 3 gymnasts (Ashley Gotowka, Emma Putney and Hannah Ellman) took home gold medals throughout each apparatus and overalls. Level 4 (Julia Hill, Sydney Swan, Jessica Beehler and Taylor Gotowka) received silver and bronze.

Each girl earned enough points and qualified for the New York State meet after one competition.

Head Coach Cheryl Tabone, with assistant coaches Riley, Kristi and Jenna are all former competitive gymnast who trained and worked with each team member.

Coaches Cheryl and Kristi will be training with USA Gymnatics Olympic coaches this summer to continue their efforts to keep a winning team in Chautauqua County.