Brooks Hospital to stage disaster drill Saturday

Officials at Brooks Memorial Hospital in Dunkirk are announcing plans to participate in a disaster drill starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday in conjunction with statewide events taking place throughout this week.

Frank Schneider, Safety/Security Services Manager & Safety Officer at Brooks Memorial Hospital, said that visitors at the hospital on Saturday may notice some extra activity but that the normal flow of patient care and business will take place as usual.

“There will be extra staff on hand to make sure the treatment of our actual patients is taken care of,” Schneider said.

Each year, hospital officials participate in drills to ensure that all necessary procedures are in place in the event that similar emergencies involving multiple agencies occur.

Saturday’s drill involves a mock accident with a surge of additional patients to the Emergency Department. Staff involved in the drill will be tracking the patients within the hospital until the drill concludes at around noon. Officials said additional notification of Saturday’s drill will be promoted throughout the hospital via flyers at the building entrances and cards for patient meal trays. Saturday’s event is being held in conjunction with the New York State Department of Health Office of Health Emergency Preparedness.

Brooks Memorial Hospital is an affiliate of Lake Erie Regional Health System of New York.