Health care: Bad medicine for some?

Those representatives in Washington, D.C., who were quick to applaud the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act are now trying to make sure they are not a part of it. So says U.S. Rep. Tom Reed, who during a conference call with area media this week made note of the “D.C. hypocrisy.”

“Members of Congress should not be exempt from following the same guidelines all Americans are expected to follow,” the Corning Republican said. “What we’re seeing are the same Democrats who voted for Obamacare – those who were vocal about how great the law would be for all Americans – now trying to work their way out of having to comply.”

Also noted by Reed was a loophole that allowed President Obama, his cabinet and vice president from participating.

Interesting how some of our leaders, especially the health care proponents, seem to think they deserve better than what the rest of America receives.