Forestville budget trims tax rate by 13.2 percent

FORESTVILLE – Resi-dents in the village of Forestville will see a decrease in their taxes for the upcoming year. The Forestville Village Board passed its budget for the upcoming fiscal year at a special meeting.

Prior to adopting the budget, Trustee Dave Bish-off suggested some changes to the budget. He suggested the sidewalks line be in-creased to $5,000 from $3,000. He also suggested the maintenance of roads line be decreased to $33,000 from $45,000, and adding $3,000 to the line for village beautification purposes.

The maintenance of roads line was decreased due to the availability of CHIPS money for the village. According to Village Clerk Jim White, there is $15,000 in CHIPS funds that will be rolled over to the village in addition to $30,000 currently available.

The CHIPS funds will be supplemental to the $33,000 budgeted for the upcoming fiscal year.

“We actually talked to them today. We actually have $15,000 rolled over too. They strongly recommend we use it. Usually there’s a rollover and they’ve never pulled back the rollover, but there’s nothing saying they ever can’t,” White said.

Bishoff said the village beautification line will be used however and wherever the village needs it.

“We will paint the stripes white on the road if it will make the village more beautiful,” Bishoff said. “I’m sure the beautification committee can come up with something.”

The tax rate for the village will be $5.129, a 13.2 percent decrease from last year’s rate of $5.91. The tax levy is $100,559. The budget passed unanimously by the village. With the changes, the budget total is $332,570 for the general fund and $152,700 for the water fund.

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