Time to act

It is time to act. That was the message of an alert concerning the future of the Dunkirk Power LLC NRG plant in Dunkirk put out Wednesday by state Sen. Cathy Young.

Young, who chairs the PowerUpWNY Coalition, thanked members of the coalition for their efforts to repower the Dunkirk plant before urging more action.

“It is imperative to let state officials know how critical this repowering project is to our region’s future. Therefore, I am asking you to send letters as soon as possible to the NYS Public Service Commission (PSC) and Governor Cuomo indicating your support of this project and asking for their approval,” Young stated. “The PSC will be making a decision in the near future on whether repowering the NRG Dunkirk plant will be allowed. I urge you to write individual letters as soon as possible to Governor Cuomo and to the PSC Chairman Garry Brown.

“Your letters should make it clear to the Governor and the PSC that our communities are very supportive of the Dunkirk power plant upgrades and want to have a repowered plant in the community. They also should indicate that you think the PSC analysis should take into consideration a broader economic benefits analysis as a significant factor in its final determination.”

Young’s email provided attachments which included talking points on the repowering project and a copy of the PSC order that the repowering proposal has been submitted under.

“I also suggest in your letters that you add any pertinent information as to how the loss of the plant would affect you and how the newly repowered plant would benefit you and the community,” she stated. “Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you have any questions. Thank you for your help in following up on this request.”

In a Jan. 17 release PSC Chairman Garry A. Brown announced the repowering study effort.

“The Commission directed National Grid to evaluate repowering as an alternative outcome for the Dunkirk generating station and NYSEG to do the same for the Cayuga stations. The closing of the power plants could cause reliability concerns. The companies will examine the relative costs and benefits of repowering the plants at their existing sites compared to alternative transmission upgrades over the long term. The benefits to be evaluated include the reliability, environmental, and customer impacts associated with the repowering and transmission solutions,” he stated as part of the announcement. “… As part of this evaluation, the companies will file with Department of Public Service staff projected costs of transmission alternatives that they propose to evaluate, solicit bids from the current owners of the Dunkirk and Cayuga plants for the level of support required to finance repowering of their respective facilities and make recommendations to the Commission.”

The PSC order instituting proceedings and requiring evaluation of generation repowering was issued Jan. 18.

Young provided addresses as well and noted public comments and letters may be submitted to the PSC on Case # 12-E-0577 at

More information can also be obtained at

The addresses Young provided are:

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo

Governor, New York State

Executive Chamber

NYS Capitol

Albany, New York 12224

Chairman Garry A. Brown & Acting Secretary Jeffrey Cohen

NYS Public Service Commission

Agency Bldg. 3, Empire State Plaza

Albany, NY 12223

RE: Case # 12-E-0577

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