Highs and lows: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


NO NEW SCHOOL BUILDING – The Westfield and Brocton boards of education have agreed that should the two schools merge, a new building will not be constructed. In the original feasibility study, one proposal included building a new building that would house students from both districts. Instead, the school boards are looking into keeping elementary students in their current locations, putting middle school students in Westfield Academy and putting the high school students in Brocton. No matter how the configuration is proposed, it’s better to use the existing facilities than build a new building.

BOYS & GIRLS CLUB FUNDRAISER – The Boys & Girls Club of Northern Chautauqua County recently kicked off its annual One Campaign fundraiser. The organization is trying to raise $20,000. It’s important for young people to have a place where they can go and be safe. To donate to the campaign or for more information, visit www.bgcncc.org or call 366-1016.

SOFTBALL’S FINEST – Congratulations to Bob Remington, Joe Woloszyn, Rick Bellando and Mark Wisniewski. The four area residents have been selected to the Western New York Softball Hall of Fame. All four were well known in local softball circles for their long and productive careers, as well as the spirit and class they brought to the game. The four will be inducted on May 3 at the Woodlawn Fire Hall.


YOUTHFUL OFFENDER STATUS – Eight males, ages ranging from 14-21, were arrested Thursday after allegedly stealing items from the Forestville High School. We can understand the youths age 14 getting youthful offender status. You can even make the argument for the 16 year old getting youthful offender status. But the two 18 year olds got youthful offender status as well. Why? One of the 18 year olds was charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child. If you’re given youthful offender status, how can you be charged with endangering the welfare of a child? These 18 year olds should be charged as adults and their names should be released to the public.