Opinion criticizing workers is ‘absurd’


I recently read the Newsmaker of the Month feature in the Sunday OBSERVER (April 28) headlined “Worker gripes ignore demands.”

I was shocked at the arrogant attitude of this article. To say that all employees do is gripe and complain and only do what is best for the employee is offensive and absurd.

As an employee in a local private sector health care facility, I work with many good-hearted employees who work their butts off day in and day out, sometimes to the point of putting their personal lives on hold for the good of our residents and our facility.

These people work themselves to the point of exhaustion and often times work themselves to such exhaustion that they jeopardize their own health and physical well being. They are continuously asked to do the same amount of work while constantly being given fewer and fewer staff to do the job they are being asked to do.

To this newspaper, they are just employees who gripe and complain but you fail to realize those employees that you say are just employees who do nothing but gripe and complain about being understaffed are the backbone of your business and the reason you get a paycheck.

The next time you think all every employee thinks about is themselves stop and ask yourself where would I be right now if I didn’t have employees to work for me.

Joshua Juul is a Forestville resident.