Patience in trailing ‘Big Yellow’


The other morning I was picking up an elementary special needs student. Behind my bus was a driver who was honking their horn for me to hurry up and get going. This person had backed out of their driveway after I was past and turned in the direction I was headed. They could have chosen to go the opposite way, but didn’t. OK, your choice.

But …

I guess that we take for granted that school buses make several stops along their appointed routes. And several stops can be made on the same street. And not every child picked up just “hops on board” and goes to school.

This young child whom we were picking up has special needs. He gets into his seat and has to be belted in place. This requires a “little extra time,” and if our child is having a rougher than usual morning, we need even more than the regular “little extra time” to finish our task.

It is not a matter of “just pull the bus to the side of the road so others can pass,” it is a matter of the aide and sometimes the parent of the child getting them settled in their seat and safely belted in place.

Folks, we all hate to be behind “Big Yellow,” in fact I think that some people think the law states that if you see a school bus you have to get in front of it!

Yes, I, myself, a school bus driver admit that it can be irritating to be behind one … so let’s be patient. We don’t know what the situation is, but let’s not honk and show our “other side.”

And if you are pulling out of your driveway and the “Big Yellow” has just passed by you, maybe you could go the other direction?

Maybe you should say hello to your neighbor one time and maybe you will find out that this child has a special need and “a little more time” getting on and off the bus … maybe you will find a wonderful child nearby too.

Twenty-two years behind the wheel of a bus. Lots of things learned!

Beth Moss, a Frewsburg Central School bus driver, is a Kennedy resident.