Shorewood introduces new pro

Vince Puglia has been recognized by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 100 Teachers in America.

He is PGA-certified and recognized as an Active Life Member. Puglia also ran the largest Buick Scramble in the country at River Oaks as 230 players competed in the double-shotgun tournament.

He is now the golf pro at Shorewood Country Club.

Puglia has been in the business since 1969. He began in the back room and has since moved his way up to work at places such as Wanakah Country Club and Makkah Pines Country Club in Florida.

“I think it’s a good opportunity,” Puglia said about taking over at Shorewood Country Club. “I have always been from the area growing up, but closest to Dunkirk I came was Hamburg and Gowanda.”

Puglia is no stranger to Shorewood though as he has competed in tournaments with retired pro Jack Shubert.

“To come here, like I say, I have played here in some tournaments with Jack Shubert and it’s a great golf course,” he said. “The facility is beautiful. Following someone like Jack who has been here 40 years, God bless him. It’s tough. Jack is a great guy. He comes around and I ask him questions. He is a good person.”

Two of Puglia’s biggest joys of being a golf pro is teaching and fitting people so they have the right clubs.

“With the experience I have, I teach. My experience is above average level,” a modest Puglia said. “I am not going to brag and say I am the best, but I am teaching. As far as club fitting, I have done it for a long time. I can help with that. You don’t need to go out of town to get an expert. I price everything like everyone else does to the major competitors. We try to save people from driving 100 miles. They can come here and get fitted. Get the clubs fitted to you and play better. What else can you ask for?”

Puglia also owns the pro shop now and the shop is open to everyone – members or not.

“The merchandise is owned by me,” he explained. “I sell for the public and members. They allowed me to go outside which is nice of them. It’s a small club, but a solid club who supports the pro. With outside people coming in, maybe it can lead to new members. We have nice introductory offers for the course and a great facility. It’s something to get people in to try it. With the shop, and fitting, and teaching, if someone is making a decision to join here or there, hopefully this will get them over the edge to join here.”

One new form of technology Puglia will be instituting at Shorewood is the Megsa System: Most Efficient Golf Swing Attainable. The teaching method has 24 attachments to it. It’s negative feedback, according to Puglia. If you touch a device on a swing, the swing was incorrect.

Puglia will also hold clinics twice a month for members.

“I do complimentary clinics for the members,” he said. “It gets them out and a chance to meet me. From there it’s a two-way street. Hopefully they will get some tips and come back and take some lessons. It’s a give and take.”

Puglia is excited for the new adventure in his life and feels Shorewood is a great place for him at this point in his career.

“I just think with this course, it’s a great facility,” he said. “What I would hope to do is add is get some new members. Thats what it’s all about. I can’t make it as long as Jack did. I started here too late. I would love to retire here. I think it’s a great club. The people are great. I think with what I add here with the shop and my background, I hope people will like it. Sometimes change is tough, but I am looking forward to it.”