Silver Creek: New village attitude evident

In this corner on Sunday, we criticized the high cost to taxpayers for the small village of Silver Creek. Today, we offer praise to the leaders.

At least this village is trying to fix some of its problems.

Last week, the village held a meeting to hear from the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department about how it would handle police calls if the village were to eliminate its own force. The issue, of course, is very emotional. Those who support the local department claim they will get quicker response times and the village will be safer.

Proponents of eliminating the department know the truth. Costs will decrease for taxpayers if the department is no longer overseen by the village.

Also, despite the inflated reports – 14,000 incidents in 2012 – crime is not a major issue in the village. If residents think it is, they need to ask themselves when the last time a police arrest report or incident from Silver Creek Police Department was published this newspaper? According to the small staff in the department, there are no reports filed.

In addition, when we do hear about incidents or have a question on something that may have happened, the chief has a history of not returning calls to our staff.

What type of service is that to residents and the community? If the police department was privately run, most would refuse to use its services.

“The people are our boss and we will take everything you said into mind while making decisions in the future,” said current Mayor Nick Piccolo.

At least the mayor’s remarks are quite a change from the past administration, whose members would yell and scream at those who questioned their poor decisions of the past.

Today, Silver Creek leaders are listening and offering options. It is a refreshing change.