NRG: Send message of support

State Sen. Catharine Young wants you to help one more time.

NRG Energy Inc. is considering converting its coal-burning plant into natural gas to not only power our region but other parts of the Northeast. To do so, the Public Service Commission must approve the plan for a $500 million investment by the company at the Dunkirk location.

“It is imperative to let state officials know how critical this repowering project is to our region’s future,” Young said last week. “Therefore, I am asking you to send letters as soon as possible to the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) and Gov. (Andrew) Cuomo indicating your support of this project and asking for their approval. The PSC will be making a decision in the near future on whether repowering the NRG Dunkirk plant will be allowed. I urge you to write individual letters as soon as possible to Governor Cuomo and to the PSC Chairman Garry Brown.

“Your letters should make it clear to the governor and the PSC that our communities are very supportive of the Dunkirk power plant upgrades and want to have a repowered plant in the community. They also should indicate that you think the PSC analysis should take into consideration a broader economic benefits analysis as a significant factor in its final determination.”

To send your letter visit this Web site:

Or you can send a letter to these individuals:

Hon. Andrew M. Cuomo, governor, New York State, Executive Chamber, NYS Capitol, Albany, NY, 12224

Chairman Garry A. Brown & Acting Secretary Jeffrey Cohen, NYS Public Service Commission, Agency Bldg. 3, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12223

The case number is 12-E-0577.

The sooner the letters are sent, the better as the important process is nearing an end.